Today the use of android applicaions are increasing.Some applications are so useful that we want to use these applications not only in our mobile phone but also in computer.Though for this either we have to install android operating system in virtual machine or we have to install android emulator.But installation of android operating system in virtual machine is time consuming and not so straight forward.And if you want to run android application in emulator you can feel little lag while running the app if your system is not up to the mark.Also some emulators are OS dependent like bluestack .

Today I shall show you how to run android application in google chrome web browser which is not OS dependent and also after installation of app you can use it like any other software in your system.

Note: This procedure is working in most of the machine but in some machine the following procedure may not work.

Step 1 ) Update your google chrome browser to latest version

Step 2 )Go to chrome web store.Search for ARC Welder or copy and paste the following link to your chrome browser https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/pnhfdpadgclmlnbhiklnioojellehplg

Step 3)Now install ARC Welder

Step 4)Now go to More tools > Extensions

Step 5) Launch ARC Welder

Step 6)Now select an apk file and through ARC Welder > test

Now you will get your apk file will be running in your computer.You can close this application.Next time you can simply search this app with the app name in your computer or open it from extensions > launch option.

Note: Some functions of android applications may not work properly as it is a simulator.For better performance you can use it in Chrome OS.