Today inter-networking is increasing very fast with the advent of new e-technologies.Communication is now very fast which brings different parts of the world very close.We can now send e-mail at the electronic speed rather than sending old mails(like letters,telegraphs etc). People can connect with each other using the social networking sites and download videoes ,movies and softwares easily.But with the increasing use of the Internet malwares ,spywares and adwares are also increasing.Some of which try to steal informations from one's personal computer or inject some viruses into someone's computer . Some are showing advertisements and forcefully redirect one user to their websites.Today I shall show you how to get rid of them almost completely.

Cause: 1) Downloading free apps,softwares,videoes and movies etc.

2) Allowing malicious websites to download some softwares,or adding some addons and plugins.

Quick Solution:

1) Stop unwanted software from running(either foreground or background). Open task manager and close unknown apps.

2) Uninstall recently installed unwanted applications.For instance in Windows right click on start menu> Programs and Features>sort apps by installed date(decending)>uninstall unknown apps.

3) Create links of all the installed browsers.For windows right click on the links > properties> see target (ok or not).For firefox it should end with "firefox.exe".For Google Chrome it should end with "chrome.exe" and for Internet Explorer it should end with "iexplorer.exe". If it is not the case i.e, some others letters are appended with it then you browser is launching from that location.Clear that extra letters.

4) Reset all your browsers

5) Restart your computer.

Complete Solution: (When quick solution doesn't work and you have enough time)

Download 5 antivirus from from their respective websites and scan your computer. You can use trial version so that you can use them for free.

1) Kasperskey tds killer

2) RKill

3) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4) Hitman Pro

5) Zamana Anti-Malware Portable

Last three are most important.

Advanced Solution:

If you face that your system browsers are ocassionally attacked by adware and malware then you can either buy an anti-spyware for your computer or you can switch into any Linux operating system.